A company with nearly two decades of experience and soaring aspirations to scale new heights, Mathew Associates has carved a niche of its own in the fabrication services segment and provides endless opportunities in terms of challenging job profiles and excellent professional growth. We strive to ensure that our people are proud to work for the Company and constantly foster a supportive environment for innovation, skills enhancement and team spirit. Mathew Associates now employs nearly – people – a committed and competent workforce with experience of working with global corporations. The company continues to recruit and retain only the best talents in the industry, as our People remain our most valuable asset and the key to our Success & Growth.


please note that organization will get in touch with only those candidates who meet the desired specification. However the organization may decide to have your resume in active database for any future reference.


Applicants may email their resume to our Human Resource Department:

Focus on Human Assets

Mathew Associates is an equal opportunity company fostering diversity and offering best possible growth opportunities and employee benefits. We strongly believe in employee satisfaction, motivation and retention.
We enable our people to reach their full potentials through effective training programmes and constant career development.
We encourage transparency and open communication with our team members. Feedback from each team-member plays a vital role in improving our decision-making process.
We recognize and reward our people at all levels for their performance and contribution. Mathew Associates promotes team spirit and also values the contribution of each individual which will help us realize our objectives and business vision.

Training & Growth

At Mathew Associates, it is our goal to bring out the best in our people and it is, therefore, our policy to pursue practices which are sensitive to their needs. To ensure individual success, development programmes and effective feedback remain an integral part of our HR activities. Our technical team also undergoes regular, on-the-job training to keep ahead of the latest technological advancements taking place in the fabrication industry. We strive to make continuous learning and growth a way of life, while you gain in terms of knowledge, skills and career advancement. Mathew Associates ensures that its employees understand the organization�s values, ethics and work culture, and encourages proactive contribution towards innovation, quality and continuous improvement of all processes and operations.