HSE Policy

HSE Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe and healthy working and learning environment for our staff, workers and visitors by :

  • To create condition for increased productivity by eliminating accident potentials and through improving and maintaining safe working conditions and environment.
  • We are committed to ensure the that all our fabrication related activities and conditions at workplace and other areas within our control are healthy and safe

We are committed to lead our business to

  • Meet & where practicable exceed the requirements of applicable occupational health & safety legislation & other requirements.
  • Focus on continual improvement in OH&S management and OH&S performance in order to prevent injury and ill health
  • managing and maintaining a work environment where risks to health are minimal.

We shall achieve this by-

  • Ensuring involvement of all our personnel by imparting training & Awareness
  • Incorporating best practices in operation for minimize occupational health & safety risks
  • Evaluating effectiveness of the management systems through regular audits & management reviews
  • promoting awareness and protection against these hazards at the workplace
  • protecting the staff, workers and visitors from any dangers in the case of emergency or crisis
  • providing training as necessary to staff appropriate to their duties and responsibilities