Human Resource Philosophy

Human Resourse Philosophy

HR Mission

To attract, retain and develop the highest quality of talent. To motivate employees with skills and knowledge, appropriate to perform various functions of the company is business activities. To create an environment of excellence and work culture including fair and harmonious employer – employee relations conducive for achievement of organizational goals through collective participation, optimum utilization & welfare of employees.

Statement of HR Policies

  • To attract and retain the best available talent.
  • To make available resources for effectively executing projects.
  • To provide employees with adequate opportunity for growth and career development.
  • Succession planning.
  • To optimize utilization of human resources and tap their latent potential.
  • To recognize and reward employees contribution to the growth of the organization.
  • To provide training and development to the employees for their professional & personal development.
  • To create a work atmosphere and develop a work culture which is conducive for achievement of excellence, total quality management and productivity.
  • To develop a spirit of brotherliness and camaraderie among employees.
  • To promote and maintain fair and harmonious employee – employer relations.
  • To provide for sharing of relevant information between employer – employees for effective involvement of staff at all levels.

Work Culture
The most important element of the work life is the work culture. We promote the culture which is a blend of innovation, performance, technology, reward, fun, trust and openness. Our vision, our beliefs and values, performance appraisal systems, Reward and Recognition systems are instrumental in helping us achieve the desired culture.